Jeunesse Gallery of Fine Arts

Situated in the heart of Kitsilano, Vancouver, Jeunesse Gallery of Fine Arts showcases original oil canvases and bronze sculptures. We represent contemporary professional artists from Europe and North America.

Either decorating your home or putting a new face to your office, Jeunesse Gallery of Fine Arts will bring unique fine art to your projects. Each art work on display in our gallery has it’s own story which we love to share with you. We will convey to you the impulse in the artist’s soul that had led to the creation of that very special painting or magnificent sculpture that you may consider. Now that’s an art piece!


Choosing a unique art peice from the gallery

is not sometimes enough...a personal and

special art piece created by a professional

and selected artist might be a better choice...

Art is a moment in time, and what better way

to make a personalized gift to your loved ones,

pets, and to have for yourself as well, than a

professional portrait in oil or pastels?

Portraits ... a union between children and

parents, loved ones and families, we hope

you come to have a look at the quality

samples we have in Jeunesse Gallery.


Based as a European Fine Art Gallery, Jeunesse,

has large experience with equally large life size

bronze sculptures. We would love to share our

knowledge, experience and sophisticated

mindset of having a life sized bronze sculpture

in a home’s boasted lobby, central and

important office, outdoors of a special landmark

or community hall… Life sized bronze sculptures

bring a new dimension to each special space

and call a very potent point.

Nina Stamen 2009

  Vancouver, BC

Jeunesse Gallery of Fine Arts  2668 West 4th Ave.
                  Vancouver, BC.  Canada

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